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Thursday, April 17, 2014

out on the rockface

out on the rockface
where life clings
olympus rumbles
you can't move
you find refuge
in the comfort crests
while zeuss thunders
and dares you leave
those fears
that petrify the spirit
that rupture the will
that collapse the mind
the dizzying heights
the desolate lows
the risks
the letting gos
the soft landings
the bracing firs
the grace
the wonder
the self
the purpose
beyond the ridges
beyond the static
the brave
the love

2 thoughts:

Rebecca said...

I've been on the rockface too long and want to get off. This poem, while encouraging, is quite scary. I love that about your writing. Those single words out on the ledge went right to my heart. Thank you for this.

side note - I love the two new songs.

me said...

who needs to climb rocks when there are mountains out there. but i won't make a mountain out of a molehill. thanks for your heart-felt comment.