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Thursday, April 17, 2014

out on the rockface

out on the rockface
where life clings
olympus rumbles
you can't move
you find refuge
in the comfort crests
while zeuss thunders
and dares you leave
those fears
that petrify the spirit
that rupture the will
that collapse the mind
the dizzying heights
the desolate lows
the risks
the letting gos
the soft landings
the bracing firs
the grace
the wonder
the self
the purpose
beyond the ridges
beyond the static
the brave
the love

Thursday, March 13, 2014


wounds once
healed in moments
scarless in sunshine
now interminable
hearts once
broken on sundays
revived on mondays
now unfathomable
vessels once
frozen in winter
flowing in spring
now deserted, unplumbed

the sweet dreams
gone to bed
the childhood prayers
gone unsaid
the mother of warm
gone to cold
the father of time
gone to sold
the coming of years
gone to trust
the shining of reflection
gone to rust, ungolden

Monday, February 3, 2014

inter alia

here i am again
in first person
keeping you second
and out of the rain
peering from a window that isn't there
showing its limitations
showing its testimony
to lines i should have sung
 “a cottonwood moon
slipping through forms
like fingers of velvetine”
but i'm no gypsy
i have my needs
even a penny for my thoughts
pays it forward to the next one
and out on the ledge that isn't there
i look for people looking up hoping
i splatter among the unwashed
then i am a gypsy
and have no needs
money can't make me think
or payforward grateful
so i pretend
and play among words
as if they are my metier
which is so crassly pathetic
however needless it is to be said
in the same voice which made you second
out of the pain
which i have done
inter alia

Monday, January 27, 2014

bugs (bunny)

no such verb
aren't we all
life's no trip
thoughts and prayers
send gifts
come again?
fist bump
smash face
fuck off
oh, i like that one, sorry
liberal media
truth kick
right wing media
kick truth
god bless america
i beg your pardon
i really do
goes without saying

Saturday, January 25, 2014

urgent memo to the sane

is nothing to revello in
that would be chocolate covered icecream
it's only a pause
beteween crazy
and less crazy
more or less crazy but that's the idea
as in crazy/sane/less crazy/sane/crazy...
the psychopaths, the sociopaths
they're warriors, release them, on the enemies
the artists, the dreamers
they're creators, increase them, on the friendlies.
to the conformists
the rule abiders
those not caught
                                                                                                              can't tolerate
even though it's free
and lines written like this, DOESN'T it BUG you?
and if it weren't for the crazies
we'd still be flat earth
congratulations flat earth society members. you are
the standard bearers
like those who believe there is a g(odd)
who persist in preaching right or wrong
with no pause
who/which delivers the crazies to heaven
waaaaaaay the hell up there somewhere not way the hall downstairs somewhere ONLY
if they repent and false witness and act as if their own stupid little lives are one in eight billion special
and, wait for it...blessed.
so sanity isn't all that it's cracked up to be
the cracked up and being are the crazies
who suffer needlessly the sane
in a closet society.
slam the door lightly when you go,


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

not funny (reprise)

"i’m not funny anymore
fail to roll you on the floor
even left breadcrumbs at the door
became one huge colossal bore
but at least i’m not a whore
and not someone to abhor
or a pest you would ignore
maybe a twit you could adore
if i was one continuous roar
just i’m not funny
any frigging more"

or maybe i never was,
cold sober.

or maybe that's all i am,
not enough.

or maybe it's you,
who's changed.

as we wind down and spin off and turn towards tomorrow, as it happens, so they say.

Friday, November 22, 2013

i've seen you

oh i've seen you
not at all desirous
glances in the mirror
i've faced you before
you almost broke me
yes i was humbled
have no fear you say
you'll be back
with a vengeance
one last time
this i know
i'll avoid you now
taking deep breaths
in the sweet woods
that burn in the dark
where you lurk
but if i falter
as i will
and can no longer
count my fiery stars
you'll know damn well
i tried my best
to stare you down

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


what is a scar
but a break in the flesh
or a break in the heart
that once held beauty
and now binds

it's a sign
that forever what purpose
or deed or thought or action
is healed

and it's love
that sees beauty revived
as time reveals


the still waters
by the sweet serene grasses
reflecting truth
as rapture reveals before the storm

the destructive waters
by the rubble of ruins
reflecting truth
as rage reveals during the storm

the surrendering waters
by the open hearts' gates 
reflecting truth
as romantics reveal after the storm

Thursday, September 5, 2013

beauty (for beautiful)

outer beauty is easy
you're either born with it
or medicine can take care of it
either way
someone will always find someone physically beautiful

inner beauty is not so easy
not so sure you are born with it
or if medicine can take care of it
either way
someone will always find fault
even if it's only yourself

beauty can be coloured with rainbows
or camouflaged with puppies
but that's artificial and not critical thinking
it has to be formed from a vision
of you
by you
that is not stable on quicksand
but formed on Precambrian Shield
rock-hard truth

and this formation can be built
over weaker truths
over past regrets
over hurting memories
like addictions
only if you really, really, real y
want it

and i know you have it
for i have found it in you
through the dark illusions
the pain, the suffering,
the giving not returned
the resistance to embrace it

and all i can do
is hope you find it too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

man's natural state

man's natural state is fear
certainly those who clutch religion
certainly those who cling childhood
and those using “man's” to mean human's

but fear:

is an awareness
a truth, a motivator, a life preserver
a consciousness, a sense of being,
a reminder

is a contradiction
fearing alone, fearing hordes
fearing loss, fearing gain
fearing love, fearing hate

is a struggle
relief from pain is an unexpected joy
something you can't know if you don't fear
something you can't fear if you don't know

is not cowardice
cowardice is not knowing
a state of being unnatural

death is the ultimate fear
but why do we fear life
we are the living dead
and death is our reality

yet we linger still in morbidity
and can't cope with immortality
because that's overwhelming
the heart could not endure

and in fearing, in living, in being
we are humbled and satiated
as our little secret is everyone fears
so why not us

Saturday, July 6, 2013


it was my playground, a simple apartment

across the street from strawberry milkshakes

over the hill from train watching

up on the roof observing all that ever was

in my little yellow room playing soldiers

down the darken hall questions lurked like mice

while in the kitchen stew smelled like comfort

it was a faultered-faultless childhood

a fitful-fantasy that kept me in hiding-wonder

would they ever stop quarelling

would my hands ever grow big like his

would my heart ever grow full like hers

would i survive in a world without them

as i listened to the chirping of birds out of sight

and saw the patterns forming i wouldn't brave

for all the frozen tears  i knew

for all the fumbled fears

for all the crazy questions

for all the delusions denied

i could not reconcile my outer growth

with my stunted inner

i only knew that whatever would befall me

i would tumble

out of something, into something

i didn't want to leave

but couldn't be trapped...

ever elusive peace, joy, happiness

now i've said the happy words

and regret i've shared the pity

Saturday, May 18, 2013

2008 (remembered)

it has to end
this culture of fear
he says
with audacity
and courage
a culture of confidence
they line up for blocks
around cobbled corners
just to see him
just to hear him speak
youth, without colour,
no time to waste on hate
even the jaded the cynical
warming to hope and change
bobby kennedy magic
and eldrige cleaver soul
rising up again
lighting the way

so here's to you america
and a parting cheer
l'chaim "to life"
and the end of fear.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

what it is where it is

fly and dream
and live in wonder
cry and scream
and often squander
i really really ponder
the what the where
the crossing to what
being loved
the borderline to where
is there a place for a love song
as time goes by
someone to sing to
or be sung to
someone to say goodnight
or to say goodnight to
who would know
who would care to know
the lonely
the loveless
the songless
the listless
it's where belonging
becomes offensive
and offending belongs
it can't come
from mere words
can it? may it?
be prudent
be patient
so they say
you only live once
or so, so others say
as the air becomes heavy
laden with an approaching inevitable
there is the sadness that permeates
and the haunting that creeps
into the play
of light and shadow
in the dusk
it's not comforting
it's more a reminder
or not
of the impenetrable demarcation
what it is where it is

Thursday, April 18, 2013

boston view

violating insight 
downward eyes
unfocused pain
blurred vision 
detached retina
delinked perception 
humanity invisible
no clear plan
in sight

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


we are the remnants

of our upbringing

of our childhood

of our home town

the bicycle we coasted to freedom

the playground we sandboxed to discovery

all the pleasure pathways

frozen in the mind

unmelted by time

or by wasted years

or by grown-up tears

those red-blooded days

of forever innocence

even as physical changes come

and warp and rebound and deface

even as mental changes come

and warp and rebound and debase

those nuggets of beauty

the captured fragments


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

without dreams

following the stars

that brought me here 

 sleep now
there's nothing more to do

than trace the paths of glory and defeat

both gained and lost 

and listen to the music of the stars

feeling a symphony all its own


 if i should go to orion

to leave my earthly world to another orb

then at least
i know i have soared through the night
and touched all i could feel
like being wrapped in moonglow
and fantasy and shining wonder
believing in tomorrow's brighter hue

~ ~ ~
without dreams
the weight of life
is heavy

Sunday, January 27, 2013

lost and found

who am i
but a vagabond
enduring a world of strangers
it's not often
i've traveled upon
throughout my suitcased past
a sympathetic soul
just as lost and incognito,
like a discarded transplant
which saves life,
as i,
who soars through the stars
seeking refuge from life's sorrows
the one who doesn't love to impress
but loves when impressed
the one who cries at the simplest things
and laughs at the toughest
who am i indeed
but so fortunate and found

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


the mornings that you're not here
find me famished
but i can't eat
though hollow from the nights before

in the afternoons i lose all senses
with petal-less gardens
and imprints in the blades of grass
reminders of where we lay

but it's the nights i miss you most
the interminable nights of intolerable empty
where i hide in sorrow
in the darkest corners of the gloom

Friday, January 11, 2013

the long loud scream

there's a sea of ice
under which we'll crush
and a sun of gold
under which we'll melt
a torrent of rain
under which we'll drown
a tremor of earthquake
under which we'll smother
yet this earth continues what it has to do
for its inhabitants know not what they do
as we pass the ribbon of rubicon
under the big bold bright balloons
waving a carnival of streamers
of freedoms and liberties
the dopamine of our playground
unable to resist the riptide
stumbling fumbling tumbling
beyond the tipping point
like roller coaster riders
at the apex of the long loud scream
toward silence